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DualForce Signal Booster for Industrial Applications


DualForce Signal Booster for Industrial Applications

$ 1,980.00


80dB Cellular / 80dB PCS - boost signal for buildings up to 80,000 sq. ft.

The SureCall CM2020 80dB is the most powerful linear amplifier in its price range on the market today. It extends cellular services in poor coverage zones where the signal is weak due to topography, building materials or structural design.This full-featured amplifier includes adjustable gain control and automatic shutdown for maximum flexibility. Ideal for locations with a low cellular signal and/or requiring large coverage. Covers up to 80,000 square feet. Supports multiple simultaneous callers using different carriers.

-Easily scalable, most powerful amplifier on the market
-Linear design
-Reconfigurable, dual band, fits any size
-Independently adjustable uplinks and downlinks
-Features Automatic Shutdown to prevent overload
-All 2G and 3G standards
-Supports multiple users
-Uplink/Downlink Oscillation detection (individual LEDs)

*Outdoor and indoor antenna and 2 cables are required for installation (purchased separately).


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