Wireless Adapters for IoT Connectivity
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The AP-Mp70-MIMO is designed specifically for the a Sierra Wireless Airlink MP70 High Performance Vehicle Router. This low profile housing provides an all-in-one antenna combination including: 2 high gain Cellular/LTE antennas, 3 high gain Wi-Fi antennas and a GPS antenna with the correct connectors. This can come with a threaded bolt mount or permanent adhesive mount and color choices of black or white. With the Ap-MP70-MIMO, you will get superior Cellular/LTE data throughout speeds with the Multiple-In, Multiple-Out dual antennas. The double Cellular/LTE antenna design takes advantage of the fastest speeds hat the 4G/LTE network offers. All 4 antennas are built into one physical housing so that you only have to drill one hole for a fast and tidy installation. This reduces the need for multiple antennas on top of the vehicle. The rugged, low profile design gives you the protection against all natural hazards a vehicle can face including vibration, hot, cold, ice, salt, dirt, car washes, and tree branch sweeps. The antennas typically outlast the life of the vehicle.

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