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Cisco Lightning Arrestor Kit


Cisco Lightning Arrestor Kit

$ 300.00


The Cisco Lightning Arrestor provides a level of safety protection to the user as well as to wireless equipment by shunting to ground over-voltage transients induced into outdoor antennas and cables. These transients, in mild cases can produce interfering signals in a wireless system, and in extreme cases, can be dangerous and destructive.

Overvoltage transients can be created through lightning static discharges, switch processes, direct contact with power lines, or through earth currents. The Cisco Lightning Arrestor limits the amplitude and duration of disturbing interference voltages and improves the overvoltage resistance of in-line equipment, systems, and components.

The Lightning Arrestor also provides the following benefits:

Broadband operation

DC continuity for outdoor powering

Reversed installation

Permanently installed gas capsule

The lightning arrestor kit (CGR-LA-NM-NF) contains the following parts:

Lightning arrestor, nut, and washer

Grounding lug



Female to Female

Male to Female

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