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Connex Series M2M


Connex Series M2M

$ 200.00


The SureCall SC-SoloI-15 Direct Connect M2M Signal Booster Kit is a machine to machine signal booster that is designed for situations where you have a machine, such as ATMs, remote gate openers, security systems, etc., that needs boosted signal funneled directly to it. Each kit includes everything that you need to quickly and easily install the system, but if the machine that you're boosting signal for does not have an SMA connector, then you may need an additional adapter. The booster is dual band, so it will improve 3G data as well as voice calls (if needed), and supports most major North American carriers.
An M2M signal booster connects directly to the device or machine that it is providing boosted signal to, so there is no coverage area created with this type of booster.
The SureCall SC-SoloI-15 Direct Connect M2M Signal Booster Kit supports the 2G & 3G networks from virtually all carriers in the US and Canada. It does not support the 4G LTE networks from any carrier. Here is a more detailed breakdown of the carriers, networks and frequencies boosted by the M2M Direct Connect:
•AT&T 2G, 3G & 4G HSPA+
•Verizon 2G & 3G
•Sprint 2G & 3G
•T-Mobile 2G & 3G
•US Cellular 2G & 3G
•All other carriers using 800 MHz & 1900 MHz
•M2M 15 dB Direct-Connect Amplifier
•3 dB Magnet-Mount External Antenna
•USB AC power supply
•RG58 extension cable with SMA adapters
•Instruction manual with Installation directions


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