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NDS-6000 Series


NDS-6000 Series

$ 545.00

NDS-6008 / NDS-6202 / NDS-6204 

The Systech NDS/6000 family of remote communications servers connects to 10/100 Mbps Ethernet and provides one, two or four DB-9 serial ports that are software selectable to RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485. The NDS/6000 uses the TCP/IP family of protocols to provide terminal connectivity and communications services in open systems environments.
Systech designs, develops and manufactures families of network servers that connect serial devices to 10/100 Mbit Ethernet networks or to the Internet. The NDS/6000 family is characterized by high reliability, superior software functionality, expanded hardware interfaces and easy remote installation.
Systech NDS/6000 Network Device Servers are targeted at users with needs to manage, control and share access serial peripheral devices and multi-site networks over the Internet or intranet using standard protocols.
By using our NDS/6000 serial-to-IP solutions for LAN-attached serial port expansion and remote monitoring, existing investments in serial based peripherals and devices can be maintained.
Whatever your specialized need, the NDS/6000 family uses industry standard TCP/IP and telnet protocols to ensure open-systems connectivity. Each DB-9 serial port is software selectable to RS-232, RS-422 or RS485 with no external cabling...saving the cost and complexity of some competitive solutions that offer only a single physical interface.
Systech device servers are the clear choice of leading OEMs and integrators for a broad range of serial-to-IP applications. So contact your favorite Systech reseller today, and accelerate your company's transition to IP-based communications!
-2,4 and 8 Port Product Models
-LAN-Attached Serial Port Expansion
-Ethernet Switch
-Remote Monitoring
-IP Routing
-RS-232 or 422/485, Software Selectable
-Bundeled with; NativeCOM Port Redirection Software for Windows; Remote Device Monitoring
-ROHS Compliant

The NDS/6000 offers the following features and benefits:

◾Easy set up and configuration
◾Open systems communications for multi-site data networks
◾Can be used in a variety of data communications applications
◾Reduces cost and complexity
◾1, 2 or 4 DB-9 serial ports
◾1 Ethernet port with optional 3 port ethernet hub, ethernet port cross-wired for easy connection to another hub
◾High-speed serial connections
◾Software selectable RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 modes on each port
◾Dial-up LAN/Internet access
◾IP packet routing
◾Operating system independent
◾Modem and serial printer pooling
◾Complete remote diagnostics
◾LEDs for each port, signaling port status and error conditions
◾Industry standard interoperability
◾Developer's API for custom, on-board applications and protocols
◾Raw reverse telnet option so you can access ports without using special protocol or processing
◾Standard lpd printing option that is efficient and easy to use
◾Multiple services per port allows setting up both incoming and outgoing services on the same port
◾Standard lpd printing option that is efficient and easy to use
◾Dial on demand to automatically dial and make a connection with a remote system
◾Multiple services per port allows setting up both incoming and outgoing services on the same port
◾Reverse telnet support for a variety of UNIX operating systems
◾Full SSL Security
◾Phone-to-IP Mapping


Non-Rackmount / 8 Ports

Rackmount / 8 Ports

2 Ports

4 Ports

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