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Global - GSm - CDMA  

MT 3060

Be in control of where your vehicles go with built in GPS, receive pinpoint location. Easily set up a geo–fence and receive notifications whenever a vehicle leaves a designated area or strays too far from its predefined route. The MT 3060’s rechargeable built–in battery sends a disconnect alert if removed from the vehicle. Receive accurate crash reports. The MT 3060 has two intelligent accelerometers for accurate crash detection without unnecessary false alerts. Rest assured the MT 3060 provides insurers and fleets a snapshot of what really happened at the time of the incident. Decrease costs. Reduce risks. Gain valuable insight as vehicle diagnostics are sent to the cloud in real time. Advanced vehicle diagnostics alert you of tire pressure, fuel usage, odometer readings, trouble codes and more. Gone are the days of having to inspect each vehicle individually. Reduce accidents. Be fuel-efficient. Advanced driver behavior monitoring promotes safer and fuel–efficient driving habits. Let the MT 3060 reduce down time and disruptions in your operation. Set up is a breeze. Plug the MT 3060 into a car’s existing OBD II port and activate it with a smartphone. It supports all five OBD II protocols, ensuring device compatibility. By pairing the hardware with Novatel Wireless's cloud software, the MT 3060 delivers a fast and seamless turnkey telematics solution. Accelerate time to market with the industry leader. Fully certified for wireless technologies and regulatory compliance, the MT 3060 is the award–winning telematics solution deployed by fleets and insurers worldwide. With over 25 years of proven expertise, Novatel Wireless provides reliable turnkey solutions combined with a comprehensive suite of services that simplify IoT.
*No Bluetooth*


 Commercial Telematics
 Fleet Management
 Driver Profiling
 Distracted Driving
 Vehicle Profiling
 Roadside Assistance
 Insurance Applications
 Safety & Security

 Consumer Telematics
 Usage–Based Insurance (UBI)
 Teen Tracking
 Unauthorized Vehicle Movement
 Driver Behavior Monitoring
 Distracted Driving
 Safety & Security
 Roadside Assistance








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